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I could lose my immigration status and medical license. I live in Texas. I’m a forensic pathologist. The problem that led me to call Doyle was that my ex-husband forged my signature and I was charged with fraud. Since I had married an American citizen, I could apply for residency, but they don’t give you a permanent residency until two years after you have applied, and you cannot have any charges against you.

I had another attorney. He was very unprofessional. He kept postponing the hearings and due to that, I lost my job. Paul Doyle took the time to listen to all the facts. He explained what we were going to do. Once Paul took my case, he was able to solve it quickly and if it wasn’t for Paul, I could have lost my job, my license, and I could have been deported to my home country.

Paul Doyle is an excellent lawyer and he’s perfect for anyone that has any problems regarding criminal law. Paul really saved my life and I’m forever grateful. There’s nothing I can do to ever repay what he did for me.