In the second installment of our two-part series on two of the biggest verdicts in New York State, we are shifting focus to Steve Williamson, an outstanding personal injury attorney. We delve into the process and strategy involved in securing a staggering $117 million verdict. 


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Pivotal Preparations for Trial Success


Williamson discusses the importance of understanding one’s client intimately, not just from the point of onset of the incident but their whole life story. This enables the attorney to tell the client’s story more contextually. 

Another critical element is anticipation of the defense’s moves. This aspect involves analyzing the case’s weaknesses and being prepared to address these issues at trial. The key is honesty, being forthright about the issues that favor the defense before they have an opportunity to bring them to the foreground. This strategy steals the defense’s thunder and gains credibility with the jury.


The Impact of Jury Verdicts


A significant jury verdict isn’t just about the money. It sends a signal to the defense industry and the insurance companies. The hope is collision cases like these make insurers pause and evaluate their cases meaningfully, focusing not just on saving money but also on justice for the injured. 

On the issue of jury duty, Williamson underscores how important it is for the community’s safety. Most jurors who complete their service feel they played a part in upholding justice. They understand they are one piece in a puzzle enforcing safety standards across society.  


The Real Cost of Compensation


When it comes to the compensation sum, there’s more to consider than just the huge numbers. It’s important to remember that once a settlement is reached or a verdict delivered, the case concludes forever. So, the compensation has to consider not just losses up to the trial time but o the plaintiff’s entire life. This includes all future medical expenses, lost wages and all the impacts of the injury. 

Steve asserts that the most gratifying aspect of these large verdict cases is ensuring deserving clients receive full justice. The ultimate goal for attorneys like Williamson is to help clients secure a future despite the injuries they’ve suffered, making sure the verdict ignites more than just the spark of victory but also the flame of justice. 


Engaging with Steve Williamson


In terms of client engagement, Steve values accessibility, open dialogue, and coaching his clients through the litigation process. He wears many hats, functioning not only as a legal fighter but also a counselor guiding clients through a complex and often stressful process. 

To get in touch with Steve, visit his website, or you can reach out via email or phone. His services are accessible 24/7, especially for those who feel that they have been harmed and are in need of justice.


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