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Steve, he’s a brother, he’s a friend, he’s a counselor, he’s a coach. He’s everything, it’s like a package.

I came to the United States in June of 2006. I was here in a work program. I was going to work one morning, I was on the Van Wyck Expressway when a garbage truck ran right into the back of my van. I feel the bang. I remember when the van turned like it was going across, and then it bumps to the wall and jumped back in the road, and I mean, I do go and I look like this, I see the big garbage truck. It was shocking. When you’re driving, you don’t expect that, and it’s the road you take every morning. Oh God, it’s like my world turned off.

At the time when I got the hit, I was nervous. It was pain all over, pain, pain, pain. The back of my right hand here, it was weak. My hand would not hold anything. So they find out that my nerves was damaged. And then my back was constantly pain, pain, not stopping. So then they find out that I get a damage inside and then in the back of my neck here. They referred me to the surgeon.

When I started to work with Steve, I was like, “Oh my God.” First thing, the word he use to you, “I need to know the truth.” When he call, it’s nice to hear him, but he will be rough on you if he has to be rough on you. Trust me, mm-hmm (affirmative). But it was all worth it.

At the trial, I was melted by Steve. The way he present himself, the way he question the guy, I was like, “My god, it’s like a pitbull.” People friendly, but punch you if you have to get punched.