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I was in shock. I cannot believe it. I never thought that would happened. That changed my life again.

I came here when I was 18 years old. We are living in Harlem, and I’m working in Brooklyn. So, my commute, it’s a little complicated in the morning. I was on my way to work, crossing the street, and then a school bus was turning and impacted me. That’s how I met Steve. They took me to the hospital at night, and I spend almost a whole day. I was in shock. When I get out the hospital, the first pain on my shoulder, I start to feel pain in my whole body. Few days later, I start to feel something weird on my arms. I know my hands was there. I was like, not able to do almost nothing.

I was panic. Every time I cross the street, I was waiting for somebody. My goal was going back to my normal life. It was very difficult. All the new things that I have to deal with, I was not able to run again, and then I was all in pain. The mediation was very stressful for me. I saw that part with Steve. He was very confident. When I saw him stay very calm and confident, he makes me feel like if we going to trial, he knows how to represent me. He really did everything to make me feel confident and calm and relax and saying, “Don’t worry, everything going to be okay.” When he get in the room, he was very serious, and then he closed the door, and he was like, “Yes.” And I was so relieved.