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It’s pain. It’s constant. It’s annoying. It’s aggravating. There weren’t medications that would completely take it away. I ended up having to have surgery. I live in Jamaica, New York. In the past, I was a paralegal for 15 years and since then I’ve been a full-time grandma. I was driving down the road and there was a car parked to my right and he pulled out, attempting to make a U-turn. When I saw him, I braced the wheel and he hit me. I received a torn rotator cuff from the accident. It limited a lot of my movement and it was painful. I’ve been living with some discomfort for a period of time. I have never been in this predicament or situation. I didn’t know Steve until I walked in that office and met him, and I was very comfortable with him.

He wants to work 24/7. He wants to cover every angle, crosses every T, dots every I and he puts the time in. He’s looking after my best interest. The case ended up settling during trial. I consider that a win. Anyone who would need a trial attorney, I believe would benefit from Steve. I’ve also noticed that he’s a family guy. We would be on the phone discussing things, or talking, and his wife be in the background offering positive advice. And he has a kid about the same age as my grandkids. Steve is a very easygoing, hardworking, great guy. I felt a sense of comfort and it was a pleasure working with him.