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It had been destroyed, and it was the worst road, I believe, in all of Long Island. They would come in and do a two-minute patch job that would last sometimes less than a day. It was in such deplorable condition. Kids couldn’t play in the court. It was really, really bad.

My name is David Feldman, I live in Merrick, New York. I’m a mortgage broker. I was walking my dog, and I slipped into one of the many potholes on my court than I live on that was not redone for so many years. I went down and hit my knee pretty hard. I didn’t think it was as bad in first, but a day or two later, I realized it was a problem.

I am a person that never sued anybody, I had no idea at all how the legal process worked. When I first got with Steve, I knew this guy was going to be my guy. He was very professional, and to me was very knowledgeable. Steve led me the right way, right from the beginning. Everybody said, “Nobody beats the town of Hempstead. You are wasting your time.” But Steve, was determined that I receive retribution for my injury. I was like, “You know what? I’m going to give it a shot.” With the help of Steve and his guidance his determination, we won. Steve Williamson was representing me and guiding me, and I knew if I had a chance to get a victory, he would be the one to lead me there. And he did. I would 100% recommend him to anybody that has an injury-related case. When it came to representing me in the deposition, and as well as the trial, there would be nobody that I would ever want by my side more than Steve Williamson.