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On the rear mirror, I saw the truck coming. It’s really, really a scary situation.

We’re stopped at the light there, and we were stopping there for what, maybe 30 seconds, 20 seconds, when a truck hit us on the back. I have my kids with me. I have three of them with me. The windshield of the car broke down, so I took them out from the car. We put it on the side and we called the police. It was scary. Not for me, for my kids. My kids were okay, thank God. My grandson had a little pain in the neck, so they took us to the hospital.

They send me to get MRIs and x-rays. That’s when they discovered the broken neck on the back. When I feel a lot of pain one night and I told my wife, “I think I’m going to get an attorney for this.” My life’s going to be different from now. You cannot go with your kids to play anymore. It changes your life and I think I did the right thing getting an attorney.

And thank God I did it. Since the very beginning, I love him. He’s very nice. He explained everything. I have a question or something like that, I always call Steve, and he was always there for me. You know you have a good friend there for you because you feel more confident. You’re not afraid to go there and tell the truth. He’s a tough guy. Every time he got a meeting with the other lawyers, come, say “This is what they do and they offer this and they say, ‘We’re not going for that. We’re not going for that.'” I say, “Whatever you say, Steve. It’s within your hands.” He really knows what he’s doing. I will recommend him to anybody. I will do it without hesitation. We’re really happy right now. We go on vacation with the kids. We’re really great. We’re not struggling anymore.