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He wasn’t coming out as a lawyer. He came in as a person who, you know, was concerned. Human being first and then he’s your lawyer but he’s 100%.

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, Crown Heights area. I lived in a second-floor apartment. The ceiling fell one time. There wasn’t like a company coming in, it was like the local repairman. But they wouldn’t come and fix it. They would masquerade it like, knock off the mold and then paint over it. And a week later it fell. She actually tried to cut the rent in half. That was her way of settling without anything going on.

One Saturday morning I get up and I said, “You know I want to go do something.” It was a nice Saturday morning. I got in the shower and then all of a sudden the ceiling just caved in. Stuff started to hit me. As I go to exit the shower, I tripped and all I remember is falling out of the shower. My son was coming over. He actually came through the door and he thought I was losing my marbles cause he says, “Why are you laying on the floor naked?” I said, “The ceiling fell.” He took me to the hospital and they told me this is serious. I hurt my neck and I had problems with feeling in my hands, ruptured a disc in my neck.

I met Steve probably, I want to say maybe two weeks after. He’s a cool guy. He came in like an old high school buddy. I became more confident after he reviewed certain things and he reviewed certain aspects of what was going on and what was explained to him already. He then was like saying, “You know, this is a really solid case.” We got to the courtroom. My heart was racing. They wanted to paint a picture that I wasn’t … I wasn’t like a good guy. Steve took me through everything. It was like I was in his brain, he was in my brain. I woke up in the morning, did my daily routine and I get a phone call saying, “You know, they want to settle.” It didn’t hit me until I met with Steve afterwards for dinner and he goes, “Here’s what you’re going to get.”

My life I think is better. The day I met Steve, he was actually there in the trenches and he actually viewed me as a person. To this day if I text him, my number’s in his phone but it’s not as the client, it says it’s Daniel, you know.