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I couldn’t do nothing. From the moment the car hit me, my life changed. I live in the Bronx with my family, a husband and thee kids. I’m a home mom. Once I had my children, I stayed home and decided to take care of them.

I was exiting, and there was a stop sign at the end of the exit. You either had to go right or left. I was going to my right, so I put my signal light, and I was waiting, you know, when it was safe to go. The car just rear ended me. He hit me in the back. He said that he thought I was just going to keep on going, but there was clearly a stop sign at the end. I couldn’t believe that that was happening, because at the moment, I had banged my head. I was with a friend of mine. I just stood still. I stood frozen, because of the way I felt at the moment. I’ve never been in accident. It was my first time. I have a clean license. I’ve never hit no one neither. Thank god I wasn’t with my kids though. I did not realize it was going to put a stop in my life [that day 00:01:00]. That’s basically what it did. I can’t stand for too long. I can’t sit for too long. It was very uncomfortable.

My husband told me, “Well, you know, let me see if I can look through my wallet,” because he also came a few years back to The Orlow Firm with Brian. He called and set up an appointment. He was very friendly. He greeted me, very nice. He already knew my husband from the past. I felt comfortable. The receptionist, she’s very nice. Every time I had an issue or I wanted to know something, I could always call her, and I feel comfortable calling her and telling her exactly how I felt. He said, “Any questions, just because I don’t call you doesn’t mean that I’m not working on it. Feel free to call me at anytime.” By him referring me to the doctor and the physical therapy, that helped me a lot. He kept on telling, “Don’t worry, Eugenia. Everything’s going to be okay. It take time. We’ll be trying to do our best.” I believe that.