A Look into the World of Association Law

In this podcast episode, we had the opportunity to speak with Gregory Eisinger, an Association Attorney from Florida Law Firm of Eisinger Law who has been practicing law for several years in Florida. During the conversation, Gregory shared his insights and experiences working with community associations, including the challenges that arise in this line of work.

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Working with Community Associations

Gregory grew up around the industry of community association and homeowner’s associations (HOA) due to his father’s 30 years of experience as an attorney in this field. He decided to pursue law instead of international studies, leading him to work with his father.

At the Florida Law firm of Eisinger Law, Gregory deals with various areas of law involved in association law, such as contracts, government, criminal law, and collection law.

Toughest Cases in HOA Law

Gregory shared that the toughest aspect of their job is when people do not pay their homeowner dues, and the association has to take action against them, potentially leading to foreclosure. He discussed a recent case where his firm was involved in a lawsuit connected to the Surfside tragedy, where a building collapsed due to issues associated with its association.

HOA Meetings and Challenges

The biggest cause of problems at HOA meetings are over money, property values, and neighbor disputes. Associations are run by unpaid volunteers who need to manage their buildings, some of which are over 30 or 40 years old and falling apart. Local governments have been enforcing rules and conducting more inspections to ensure the safety of buildings and prevent collapse.

Gregory’s Craziest Cases

Greg shared some of his craziest cases, including an NFL player who refused to follow HOA rules and was fined $110,000 and required to fix his property. In another case, a city inspector had no qualifications in inspecting flooring.

Dealing with Emotional Support Animals

Greg also discussed how associations deal with emotional support animals in condo communities, revealing the lack of regulation and how easily one can acquire an ESA letter. However, Eisinger clarifies that if an animal is causing a nuisance or not complying with pet policies, it can still be removed despite its ESA status.


In conclusion, this podcast episode provided valuable insights into the world of community association and homeowner’s association law. Greg Eisinger shared his experiences, challenges, and craziest cases working with community associations.

From dealing with emotional support animals to challenging cases involving building collapses, this episode offered listeners an in-depth understanding of the complexities of association law. If you need expert advice on condo issues in Florida, reach out to Greg Eisinger at eisingerlaw.com

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