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I was receiving so many checks, but it was in my daughter’s name, and the pile kept building and building, and I was like, how am I going to pay for the funeral if I cannot take that money out? The lawyers I went to, they were like, “No, we don’t do that.”

My name is Antonia Ortiz. I live in Orlando. I am a supervisor of a senior lunch program for Seniors First. My daughter passed away, and I didn’t have no means to deal with her checking account, or the insurance company that she had. So, I went to a couple of lawyers, and one led me to Veliz, and I brought all the paperwork, and they automatically, one, two, three, they told me everything that was going to happen. He put everything in order, thank God, and everything was taken care of.

He knew me right away. He was my friend, and he was there to help me and guide me. It was great. I have 50 seniors every day, and my experience that I have gone through with Veliz, I have let them know.

Veliz can guide you through every aspect. I do recommend him highly, like I said before, because he was very professional. He knew I was lost, and he just took care of everything.