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They weren’t hearing my concerns, which were basically for the safety and wellbeing of my child, physically and emotionally. I was told, “This is your new normal, get used to it.” My ex-spouse is very verbally abusive, very aggressive and was not co-parenting at all. Ted was not my first attorney. I had two previous experiences with other attorneys. It was a lot of paper pushing, a lot of talk and no action, and I didn’t think that was fair. I didn’t think that was fair for me. I didn’t think it was fair for my son. That’s when I knew I needed to do more.

I was going to counseling for the stress of my divorce, and it was actually the therapist who suggested that I find another attorney and without any hesitation, he said Ted Rechel. It was a breath of fresh air. He listened to me. He asked me questions that none of the other attorneys even bothered to ask. He wanted to know the why. He wanted to know why I was in the situation which had caused the severity of the need to protect my child. I felt very at ease and very comfortable sharing that with him, because I knew there was a reason for it.

With that, we came up with a step-by-step strategy and he explained to me we’re going to do everything we can to basically accomplish what’s in the best interest of my son, and that was everything to me. I can tell you, we left that courtroom getting everything we absolutely wanted. I didn’t anticipate that. I hoped for it, and Ted made that happen. I have peace. We don’t have this lingering cloud that hangs over us. Even on the worst days, it’s rainbows and butterflies.