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It’s very difficult when children are involved in divorce cases. You want the best for the children. In my situation, it was best for me to have sole custody of the children, and so the team really worked hard to make sure that it was clear as to why I needed to have sole custody.

David and Robin were there any time I needed them. If I had a call, if I had a question, or I had a concern, I was able to reach them, and they were able to kind of explain it to me, and that support was really, I think, what stood out to me the most.

I ended up getting everything that I needed, and what was best for me and my family, in the final outcome of our divorce, so I know that the team worked really hard to protect me, and my assets, and my custody of the kids, and things like that.

Now that my case has been closed, I’m kind of able to start a new life over, and start fresh, so it’s a good thing.

David is a very trustworthy and strong attorney, and his team there are very receptive to questions. They made it very clear to me. They’re easy to talk to, and they’re going to work really hard for you. I’ve already given his name out, and the firm’s name out, and he’s actually helped my brother in other ways, too. I tell family and friends good things. He’s a great attorney and a very trustworthy person, and he will work very hard for you.