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The reason I contacted Mr. Veliz at Veliz Law was part of a situation where me and my wife were gonna have to get a divorce. And was being contested by her attorney so I was gonna need some representation.

I was in the position where I was gonna have to pay some alimony and obviously I didn’t want to pay an exorbitant amount. I wanted it to be reasonable so that was my biggest concern.

My name’s Brad Raca. I live in Winter Park, Florida. Well, I’d known David for a number of years so I knew him from past experience and trusted him. My biggest concern was the price. What was it gonna cost me to get a divorce and his fees were quite reasonable.

Again, he explained everything up front and what the different options were gonna be and the steps were gonna be. And the cost involved with them so he was answering all my questions perfectly. Everything that Mr. Veliz has filed and explained to me and all the steps going through the process was exactly what I expected.

It worked great. In the end the judge pretty much just signed off on his recommendation. It was spot on. The amount I paid in the end for alimony was considerably less than I expected so it exceeded my expectations as far as that goes.

One of the main things that I was extremely pleased with was Mr. Veliz in the courtroom. He was awesome. We left that courtroom, I felt like I’d just won the lottery. I mean, he really did an outstanding job in court. We still have a great relationship.

I talk to him quite a bit. I would recommend David to anybody for anything like divorce. I would recommend him unconditionally. He was tremendous.