Selling Houses in High-Conflict Divorce: True Law Stories with Amanda Reichert

In this captivating episode of True Law Stories, we delve into the world of high-conflict divorces through the eyes of Amanda Reichert, a seasoned real estate agent specializing in navigating the complexities of divorce-related property sales.

Join us as Amanda shares intriguing and sometimes outrageous stories from her experiences, shedding light on the emotional rollercoaster and challenging situations that arise when selling houses in the midst of a divorce.



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Battlegrounds of the Heart: Unraveling Emotional Attachments

Divorce often stirs intense emotions, and Amanda reveals how these emotions can transform homes into battlegrounds. Through her anecdotes, she paints a vivid picture of homeowners clinging onto their properties, fighting tooth and nail to prevent their sale. Prepare to be astonished by tales of desperation, irrational behavior, and unexpected twists that underscore the profound emotional ties individuals can have with their homes.


Unveiling the Drama: High-Conflict Personalities and Mental Health Challenges

Amanda confronts one of her greatest challenges: dealing with high-conflict personalities, mental illness, and addiction during divorce cases. She shares jaw-dropping stories that expose the profound impact of these factors on the real estate process. Brace yourself for accounts of extreme behavior, clashes of interest, and the delicate tightrope Amanda must walk to achieve successful outcomes while navigating these complex dynamics.

Walking the Tightrope: A Realtor’s Role in Managing Conflict

As a divorced realtor, Amanda assumes the critical task of managing conflict and setting realistic expectations for both parties involved. She skillfully navigates the fine line between acting as a neutral intermediary and ensuring the smooth progress of the property sale. Through her engaging stories, she demonstrates the importance of maintaining transparency, objectivity, and a strong grasp of legal considerations in this intricate process.

The Cat Pee Debacle


In one of her most memorable encounters, Amanda shares a remarkable story that underscores the unpredictable challenges she faces as a real estate agent in high-conflict divorces.

This listing appointment took an unexpected turn when the realtor discovered a house with a pervasive cat urine odor. Despite recommendations for improvements, the owner refused to cooperate, resulting in significant setbacks during the selling process. The property fell out of contract three times due to various issues, including the discovery of widespread cat urine throughout the house. Frustration mounted as the realtor’s efforts in staging and cleaning went in vain.


Timing is Everything: The Significance of Early Involvement


Timing is critical when it comes to selling a house during a divorce. Amanda emphasizes that involving her early on in the divorce process can save time, money, and unnecessary litigation. She delves into the benefits of a proactive approach, showcasing how early involvement can lead to smoother transitions, more favorable outcomes, and reduced stress for everyone involved.


A Glimpse of Hope: Rebuilding Lives After Divorce

Despite the turbulence and challenges inherent in high-conflict divorces, Amanda remains a beacon of hope for her clients. In addition to her real estate expertise, she runs a support group designed to help individuals heal and move forward after divorce. Discover the inspiring stories of resilience and growth as Amanda’s clients find the strength to rebuild their lives, proving that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel.



In this thought-provoking podcast episode, Amanda Reichert’s stories from the frontlines of high-conflict divorce cases offer an intimate glimpse into the tumultuous journey of selling houses in the midst of emotional upheaval.

Her tales of extreme behavior, emotional attachments, and mental health challenges will captivate your attention from start to finish.

By emphasizing the significance of early involvement and providing a glimmer of hope through her support group, Amanda showcases her unwavering commitment to guiding her clients through the storm toward a brighter future. If you find yourself navigating the challenging waters of a high-conflict divorce, be sure to connect with Amanda Reichert via Facebook, Linkedin, website, and email address:, for the compassionate and expert assistance you need.


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