True Law Stories Podcast: Fighting in Estates with Attorney Hashi Richards

In the latest episode of True Law Stories, Attorney Hashi Richards, an estate and immigration attorney from Orlando, appeared to discuss fighting in estates and her experience as a female Indian lawyer. Hashi’s journey to becoming an attorney was not a linear one, and her experiences offer valuable insights into the legal profession.

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From Medicine to Law: Hashi’s Journey

During her senior year of college, Hashi changed paths from medicine to pursue law. She graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Political Science and later earned her Juris Doctor from Florida Coastal School of Law. Her practice areas include estate planning and probate, as well as family immigration and naturalization cases. Hashi’s virtual practice and mobile notary for signings have provided services throughout Florida.

Overcoming Discrimination

As one of the first female Indian attorneys, Hashi has faced discrimination throughout her career. People have often assumed that she was the court reporter instead of an attorney, and she has been asked to change aspects of her appearance. Despite these challenges, Hashi has remained empathetic to her clients and dedicated to her work.

Fighting in Estates: Have a Plan

Hashi’s practice areas include estate planning and probate, and she emphasized the importance of having a plan when it comes to estate planning. She explained that if you do not have a plan, the state has its own, which may differ significantly from what you want or expect. Hashi’s number one piece of advice is to have a plan, even if it’s simply having a phone call with an attorney to discuss what’s needed.

Lawyer Asked to Fetch Coffee and Change Her Appearance

Hashi also shared an interesting story about being asked to get coffee and change her appearance at her first law job. Despite the challenges she faced, she persevered and became a successful attorney. Her story offers valuable insight into the challenges faced by women and minorities in the legal profession.

Separating Work and Personal Life

Finally, Hashi emphasized the importance of separating work and personal life, particularly when she had her son. By being present with her family outside of work hours, she was able to maintain a healthy work-life balance and continue to be successful in her career.

Connect with Hashi

To learn more about Hashi’s services, you can follow her on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) or visit her website and YouTube channel. Hashi offers valuable advice and insights into the legal system, making her an invaluable resource for anyone looking to navigate the legal system. Whether you are in need of estate planning or facing an immigration issue, Hashi can help guide you through the process with empathy and expertise.

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