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There’s no time from like the present. It’s very important that you lay out how you want your possessions, estate, dictated, or laid out to and provided for. It’s very crucial, especially with society the way it is that these plans be upheld. I’m a registered nurse and I am a mom of four beautiful children. It’s a privilege. And it gives you great insight into people and the importance of planning and preparing. I’m finishing up my finalization of the estate and I’m looking forward to establishing a new plan for the future. Well, we did incorporate a financial planner and that was part of our team, but I really felt we needed someone who had the ability and the know with all, to guide me correctly and help us to have our wishes addressed. I had the pleasure of meeting Ellen many years ago as a young mother, my girls, my husband, and I wanted to establish estate planning being in healthcare we knew the importance of it. Ellen was recommended to us by a dear friend and we came and met with her and established our estate planning at that point.

We updated our will several times as the family grew and my husband unfortunately passed away unexpectedly. And I was very glad we had these plans in order. After Chris passed, it was a year of very emotionally vulnerable. And knowing that I had someone to lean on to help guide us through the process and re-evaluate how I wanted to proceed going forward in my future. She guided me and helped my family through this transitional time. Having been in healthcare, we see the whole spectrum from children being born to middle-age and the importance of aging well, and the importance of having your affairs in order. So, this way your wishes are carried out. Well, I felt with Ellen, I was able to speak freely and I was not intimidated or felt pressure in any way.

She’s a very professional person. I respect her tremendously. She gives good sound advice, when we came to the office she was kind, she was compassionate, but she also knew how to guide us. My family included on the steps that needed to be taken. I was explained at great length without being confused. I was given time to think, and it helped us to make our decisions for our family going forward. Very competent team. Lisa Valente was amazing through my process. I had a call question. She just got back to me and we took it a step at a time, held my hand at times and gave me some good, strong advice when she felt it was needed. And it really gave a great sense of comfort going through such a transition.