The Dark Side of Florida Insurance Laws: How They Threaten Floridian Health and Welfare


Are you a Floridian who thinks your insurance has got your back? Think again. Florida’s insurance laws have taken a dark turn, and it’s putting your health, your property, and your peace of mind at risk. JD Moises, Founding Partner and Shareholder of Moises Ross, warns that from life-saving medical treatments to hurricane damage claims, the odds are increasingly stacked against you. But don’t just take our word for it—keep watching to uncover the shocking legislative changes that are transferring your rights to insurance companies, and learn what you can do to fight back.


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The Erosion of Consumer Rights


In 2019, the Florida legislature passed a series of laws that tipped the scale in favor of insurance companies. Gone are the days when policyholders had a fair fighting chance against insurance giants. Now, any insurance policy renewing on or after January 1st is stripped of the right to statutory attorney’s fees in case the insurance company breaches the contract. This discourages homeowners and other policyholders from pursuing their rightful claims.


Real-World Impact: The Case of Hurricane Irma


An egregious example involves an elderly couple whose claim was denied for three years. An engineer contracted by their insurance company even lied about the impact of Hurricane Irma to avoid paying out. Unfortunately, these are not isolated incidents. Insurance companies are getting away with such actions, further emboldened by the new legislation.


The Numbers Game: A One-Sided Narrative


Insurance companies often use statistics to justify their position to the legislature. However, these numbers are frequently manipulated to present a skewed picture, painting insurance companies as the victims of fraud while ignoring the countless genuine claims that they deny.


Citizen’s Role: A Glimmer of Hope


Despite these barriers, citizens can still take legal action against their insurance companies. One advocate, JD Moise, has been using aerial imaging software to prove insurance companies wrong, uncovering evidence that substantiates claims of homeowners. However, even this avenue is fraught with challenges, as insurance companies resist transparency, even in the face of court orders.


How Legal Professionals are Pushing Back


Legal experts are reaching out to lawyers and gathering information to strengthen their cases. But these actions are time-consuming and costly, making it harder for middle and lower-income classes to take a stand against powerful insurance companies.


Unintended Consequences: The Real Victims


The legislation does not only impact those fighting against insurance companies. It affects everyday Floridians who find their recommended medical treatments denied in favor of cheaper alternatives. People are now paying absurd amounts for non-performing contracts because insurance companies face no penalties for breaching their obligations.


The Political Connection: An Unholy Alliance?


The insurance lobby’s fingerprints are all over this legislation. It’s alleged that a significant amount of campaign funds were channeled to Ron DeSantis to support his presidential run, further cementing the bond between the political elite and insurance giants.


Need Help? There’s Still a Way


For those struggling with insurance issues in Florida, JD Moise and his partner Daniel Gross offer their legal expertise. Visit their firm at or contact them at (305) 306-3055.

The new insurance laws in Florida present a grim reality for the average citizen. This imbalance of power between insurance companies and the public has serious implications, making it crucial for Floridians to be aware and take whatever action they can to protect their rights.


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