Resolving Disputes Beyond the Courtroom: The Power of Mediation with Adam Myron

In a recent episode of the True Law Stories podcast, litigator and certified mediator Adam Myron shared his insights and experiences regarding alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and the transformative power of mediation. Join us as he shared about his previous clients and how mediation played a pivotal role in their dispute-resolution journey.

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Transitioning from Litigation to Mediation


Adam Myron, a practicing litigator at the Cabinet, Myron Law Firm, reveals his journey towards becoming a certified mediator. He emphasizes the high costs and stressful nature of traditional litigation and how it motivated him to explore alternative ways to resolve disputes. Myron explains why he believes mediation offers a better way forward, highlighting the potential for positive and mutually beneficial outcomes.


Educating about ADR and Mediation


During the podcast, Myron sheds light on a crucial challenge faced in the field of mediation: the lack of awareness and confusion surrounding ADR. He discusses the need for increased education, including the inclusion of ADR provisions in contracts and legal agreements. By educating individuals and organizations about mediation, Myron hopes to create a more conducive environment for resolving conflicts outside of the courtroom.


Mediation vs. Arbitration: Setting the Record Straight


To dispel common misconceptions, Myron distinguishes between mediation and arbitration. He explains that mediation involves both parties coming to the table and collaboratively deciding on a resolution, while arbitration resembles a trial with an arbitrator making the final decision. Myron also clarifies that while some contracts require mediation or arbitration, parties can also proactively choose to pursue these methods as an alternative to litigation.


The Art of Successful Mediation


Drawing on his extensive experience as a mediator and advocate, Myron shares the importance of adopting a resolution-minded approach during mediation. He warns against using hardball negotiation tactics that may hinder the goal of resolving disputes. Myron emphasizes creating a win-win mentality, allowing parties to move past adversarial behavior and work towards a mutually agreeable resolution.


The Time Commitment and Convenience of Mediation


Myron addresses the time commitment associated with mediation. He reveals that despite the initial timeframe allocated for a mediation session, they often extend beyond the estimated duration. However, he reassures listeners that the potential time investment in mediation is far outweighed by the cost and potential delays associated with traditional litigation.


The Evolution of Mediation in the Digital Age


With the advent of virtual platforms like Zoom, mediation has become more accessible and convenient. Myron discusses the advantages and drawbacks of virtual mediations, including increased involvement from decision-makers such as adjusters. While acknowledging the loss of personal touch, he highlights how virtual mediations have allowed disputes to be resolved without geographical limitations.


Adam Myron’s expertise as a litigator turned mediator offers valuable insights into the realm of alternative dispute resolution. By sharing compelling stories from his past clients, Myron showcases the transformative power of mediation and highlights the need for increased education about ADR. Through his work, Myron strives to promote a resolution-oriented mindset, guiding individuals and organizations toward effective and efficient dispute resolution. To learn more about Adam Myron and his mediation services, visit his website or contact him at 561-421-2788.


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