Ian Garlic interviews Juleigh Mayfield and Irene Pons, an attorney and UCF Associate Lecturer. Raised as a male, Juleigh was born 47XXY- neither male nor female. In 2018, Juleigh learned of additional health issues due to her condition and was informed that without high amounts of estrogen, she would die in a matter of years. 

Now, Juleigh is fighting to get her name and gender changed on all of her documents while also becoming an advocate for the intersex community in order to spread awareness and compassion for XXYs just like her.

What You’ll Hear: 

  • Common Misconceptions About the Legal System
  • What is intersex?
  • Juleigh’s Ongoing Fight to Get Her Paperwork Changed Properly
  • Juleigh’s Advocacy for the Intersex Community