The Intricacies of Real Estate Law: Spotlight on William Kramer, Board-Certified Attorney


Real estate law can be as unpredictable as it is complex. With stakes running high in both residential and commercial property transactions, having an expert in your corner can make all the difference. Meet William Kramer, a board-certified real estate attorney at Brinkley Morgan in Florida, whose extensive experience and specialization in commercial real estate sets him apart from his peers.



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Board Certification: The Hallmark of Excellence


Not just anyone can claim to be a board-certified attorney. This distinguished honor requires a minimum of five years in practice, completing a substantial number of complex transactions, and dedicating at least 50% of one’s practice to real estate law. Additionally, candidates must pass a rigorous examination. This is all to say, when you’re working with William Kramer, you’re working with an attorney who has met and exceeded high industry standards.


A Focus on Commercial Real Estate


Kramer’s primary area of expertise lies in the realm of commercial real estate. Representing lenders, investors, and developers, he works on deals that range from $5 million to $30 million. Such transactions often come with their own set of challenges, but Kramer relishes the opportunity to navigate the intricacies of commercial properties, ensuring his clients achieve financial security.


Overcoming Challenges in a Pandemic-Era Marketplace


The Covid-19 pandemic has added layers of complexity to an already challenging landscape. Kramer’s ability to adapt and navigate through these uncertain times has been a source of fulfillment for him. His keen eye for detail and problem-solving skills have been instrumental in helping his clients overcome hurdles in their real estate transactions.


Unusual Cases and Life Lessons


William Kramer’s career hasn’t been limited to textbook cases; in fact, it started in probate law. One of the most extraordinary cases he recalls involves a murder-suicide that led to intricate issues around inheritance, will clauses, and family dynamics. Lasting for around six months, the case was as complex emotionally as it was legally.

Additionally, Kramer recounts a more light-hearted, albeit vexing, case involving a tree dispute between neighbors that found its resolution in small claims court. Such disputes may seem trivial to some, but for those involved, it can be an all-consuming issue. It’s a testament to how real estate law can encompass problems big and small.

If you’re looking to navigate the complexities of real estate law, whether it be commercial or residential, William Kramer is here to help. You can reach him at, or visit the Brinkley Morgan website for more information about their services and team of lawyers.

Real estate law isn’t for the faint of heart, but with experts like William Kramer at the helm, you can be assured that you’re in capable hands.


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