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We weren’t sure exactly what we had financially moving forward. My name is Richard Silverman. I live in Port Washington, New York, which is a suburb on Long Island. For many years, I was an associate publisher and executive editor in publications in New York that covered the fashion industry. But unfortunately I’ve had to retire because of my illness. One day, my wife and I woke up and said, oh my God, we’re old and we’re retiring, and we have no wills and we haven’t done anything to protect ourselves to make sure that we’ll have care and financial assistance.

So we knew about Ellen’s experience. She’s won many awards for being the top attorney doing elder care, and we decided we should consult with her and we were very impressed. We decided to start working with her to arrange our financial guidance and also to have a will so we’d have something to leave our daughter. She took the time to explain each step to us in terms of our will. And she tailored our financial plan so it met all of our individual family needs, that’s really eye opening in terms of the help we’ve received. She’s perfect for anybody that needs assistance and doesn’t feel competent doing it themselves. I would absolutely recommend Ellen. We already have. So for anybody that’s looking for assistance in either their wills or their estate planning, she’s the perfect person to use.