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I don’t play around either. If I was with the lawyer and I didn’t feel the trust, I would just find somebody else. My name is Virginia Jackle. I live in Port Washington, New York. We had been recommended to Ellen and wanted her to look over our will, which had been written earlier, and set a step for our future retirement. She called us in with my children and spent lot of time alleviating their fears and anxiety. There was going to be a lot of money involved, and of course they wanted to make sure that I had a lawyer who I could trust. Ellen was absolutely marvelous and calmed everybody down, went through all the issues, and the children were then very satisfied, and they are now very happy with her too.

After my husband died, it took over a year to get things in order. She and her group did an absolutely magnificent job. Ellen was always available, always had the answers or found them for me. With Nadine, we were on all the time. Lisa Valente answered many of my questions and the receptionist Pat. They’re just always there for me. Ellen runs a tight ship. It’s business and you get it done, and there’s a tremendous amount of compassion and politeness with the group. I think she’s perfect for just about everybody 75 and older. I have recommended her to so many of my friends. I’m totally enamored with all of them. They’re absolutely lovely.