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I wish I had met somebody like Ellen because I did not have a role model, not in the family, not in anybody’s parents, and I didn’t have a mentor.

Meeting Ellen was an accident, which was good luck. When my husband and I and our children were grown up and we had grandchildren now and we had a house and we had two cars and assets, now there’s property of some kind and we really are not sticking our heads in the ground. We have to really figure out what’s to do. We’re not going to last forever. So my niece who was the director of a Jewish agency which dealt with elderly people, dealt with lawyers who deal with the problems. She recommended that Ellen would be an elder law attorney and she would recommend her. That’s how that happened, that my niece used her for business for her clientele and her population, which were elderly people in the Jewish Association.

We were drawing up a will. Two of our children came with us because the will involves transferring whatever we, assets there are to the family. What is the point of it going to the state? So that was the whole purpose, that there were no issues of any kind. It was strictly getting our monetary affairs. We were doing well, not the 1%, not anywhere near it, but from where I started, it was impressive. It’s something about the ambiance and the staff that is so welcoming. We’d come into this room and it was like a sense of family. And it was interesting that my two children, the two older ones who came with us to be in on the financial arrangements, had the same reaction. There was a sense of competence, knowledge, and connection, a vibe. It was really a vibe, is that we had known each other. It’s just a very nice feeling to have. And nothing legal and nothing overwhelming. Just sat down in the living room and went through our assets. And that’s how we met. I really think there’s a certain amount of luck in that.