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I had a will and I had the powers of attorney, but that was six years ago. And I felt maybe I needed more than that, like a trust. My name is Audrey Goodfriend. I live on Long Island, New York. And my daughter, and son-in-law, went to Ellen to update their wills and estate planning. I’m 91 years old. And I thought it was time that I did it too.

I found her very knowledgeable, very thorough, very easy to talk to, and she took a lot of time, finding out my particular circumstances and needs. We did Zoom. And at the end, she told my son-in-law to get off the line, so she could talk to me privately. She just wanted to make sure that everything that she was doing for me was what I wanted, without any influence from any other people. I think that was wonderful.

I would absolutely recommend Gellen to someone like my daughter and son-in-law. They had a young family and now they’re in their mid-sixties, so they had to redo their wills. And even for someone like me, I’m 91, I have absolute confidence that what she did is just perfect for my needs. Gellen gave me peace of mind.