Meet Lenora Easter, a former public defender whose passion for justice has led her from an initial career interest in entertainment law to pivotal roles in public defense and advocacy. Host Ian Garlic engages with Lenora to uncover her transformative journey in the legal field and her current efforts with Partners for Justice, an organization that plays a critical role in bolstering public defenders’ abilities to serve their communities effectively.


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From Entertainment Law to Public Defense


Inspired by a pivotal internship at a public defender’s office in Orlando, Florida, Lenora Easter redirected her career path to focus on helping those often left voiceless in the legal system. Her story is a powerful reminder of how a single experience can redirect one’s passion towards meaningful change.


Transformative Work at the Bronx Defenders


At the Bronx Defenders, Lenora initiated an early defense program and championed a holistic approach to legal defense. This innovative method not only tackles legal challenges but also supports clients in navigating the associated social hurdles, creating a robust support network around them.


A Case That Changed Lives


Lenora shares a particularly impactful case where she defended a client wrongfully accused of attempted murder. Despite numerous challenges, including delays due to COVID, her relentless advocacy led to a positive outcome, changing her client’s life forever and illustrating the profound impact of dedicated legal representation.


Partners for Justice: Expanding Public Defense Capabilities


As a regional director at Partners for Justice, Lenora now oversees the integration of client advocates into public defense offices. These advocates are crucial in enhancing the offices’ ability to provide comprehensive support, ensuring that all clients receive the robust defense they deserve.


Get Involved


If you are moved by Lenora’s dedication and the mission of Partners for Justice, there are numerous ways to get involved, from roles in advocacy to supporting the organization financially. Every contribution helps to fortify the foundation of equitable legal representation.

Consider how your support could transform lives and strengthen communities. Visit Partners for Justice today to learn more about how you can contribute to a more just society. Your involvement ensures that fairness in representation is not just an ideal, but a reality.


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