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My youngest son, me and his mother had separated about a year and a half prior. His mother would sometimes use scare tactics to get what she wanted or say that I would be held legally responsible if I didn’t abide to what her rules were, so I was just looking for a clear parenting plan that gave us both shared rights and we could pursue with our lives in raising our son.

My name is Ian Oscar Machicote, I currently reside in Winter Springs. There were some events that led to me having to defend myself and my fiancee at the time, now my wife, I tried to do it independently, going to the courthouse and filling out the paperwork, but there’s so much paperwork involved. And on the legal side, I’m just not educated to that point, so it was much easier for me to seek legal representation and have someone take care of it for me, and Velez Law Firm is where I ended up.

I was just looking for someone who was willing to listen to my story and not charge me a lot of money upfront just to get through the door, and I found that with them. For me, the biggest thing that stood out was just how easy it was to get a hold of the law firm, because I was afraid when it wasn’t really your time, they would be working 20 other million cases and you really wouldn’t know where you were at, but they kept me educated throughout the whole process. If you left a message, they got back to you right away.

Robin works as a great liaison if David isn’t available. She knows about your case; she knows about your situation. They work side by side very well; they compliment each other. It was quick and easy. The overall process I think began right around May and by the time we had the final judgment and the parenting plan was all in place was about the first week in September. The judgment was that we would have shared custody. There are sometimes when my son’s mother will make some things tough, so I’m still continuing to use their services, even after your case is completed, they still will work with you if anything comes up that you need help with.

I would definitely 100% recommend David and his law firm. They’re gonna do the best that they can to get you the results that you’re looking for.