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Even though they had the name of the right person, my case drug out for four years. And at the time, they also offered me 20 years knowing that they had the wrong person. My name is Chuck. I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’m a lawyer. At the time of the incident I was living in Houston, Texas. I was an athlete at Sam Houston State University. I was wrongly accused of aggravated armed robbery, a crime that a lot of people in the city knew that I had no ties to. One of the heavy donors in the city of Houston reached out to Paul Doyle and connected us. What stood out about Paul was his understanding of the law. He has a lot of knowledge in his field of expertise. He had no fear taking the case, it was just all reassuring. During the entire time, it was no question that he was in my corner supporting me.

He reached out to my coaches to just reassure them that it was okay for me to continue playing. It allowed me to remain a student and focus on my studies. The case was ultimately dismissed. I believe he was able to achieve everything I wanted. I think Paul Doyle is perfect for the wrongly accused, those that believe they’re innocent, and those that believe that they’re not getting a fair share for the crime that they’ve been accused of. Paul is a beast. When he walks into the courthouse, you notice him. He has a strong presence that you would want from your criminal defense lawyer. His reputation precedes itself and you’ll get what you’re paying for.