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Every day is a process for Brian because it was vehicular manslaughter, which is automatically 20 years in jail with no chance of probation. He has a son and he thought that his son would be the same age as him whenever he got out of jail and that weighed on him very heavily.

My name is Tammy McCoy. My son was accused of vehicular manslaughter. My daughter was the one that found Brent … Information. The expectation was just to find out the truth with everything and to try to get my son off of some charges that he didn’t do.

Brent was flexible with me because my son [inaudible 00:00:39] and he was off and on with doing scheduling with both of us. Brent took a personal whatever in knowing in his heart that Brian was innocent. The district attorney found that he didn’t have enough evidence to convict Brian. He got dismissed from that. Brent got very personal because it did get a little bit harry the night that I called him that Brian was going nuts was I called him at 3:30, 4:00 in the morning and he was talking to Brian. Not every lawyer would do that.

Honestly, I think he does that with all of his clients, especially ones that he knows that are innocent of the charges that they’ve been filed against.

He went above and beyond. He basically did what our expectations were and did it without us having to go to court. I would recommend him to anybody because he is fantastic. He feels like he is part of our family now. He just feels like he is part of us now and we feel the same.