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I was charged with a DUI. When you go to trial, the unknown is a little gut-wrenching. And I worked with a friend who was a criminal attorney, who then referred me to Brent because he was the best.

I live in Houston, Texas. To be honest, I was scared to be in the situation that I was in. Brent put me at ease from the beginning, was always very communicative in what I could expect and explained all the processes and I loved that, because I felt like that really empowered me to make the right choice, whether I wanted to go to trial or do the other things that you can do in a DUI case.

Brent was very invested in not only my case, but me as a person, because I am a mom, because I am a business owner, I really wanted to do the best so that I can move on with life as usual.

What really stood out to me is how invested and caring he was throughout the entire process. My outcome exceeded my expectations. If I went to trial, because I own my business, my choice was to go ahead and take the chance, and go to trial, and I was found not guilty, so my expectations were definitely exceeded.

After the trial, I was able to actually take a breath and really feel comfortable in moving forward. It’s been great to just move on with my life and grow my business and my family.