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I got arrested with a gun as I’m a previous offender. Doug sealed it up for me so it doesn’t look bad. There was never a felony charge. It’s not even on my record no more.

I work as a personal trainer. Doug showed me a more family like environment. He always was honest with me and he’d be [inaudible 00:00:17] to fight for me and I wouldn’t end up in prison. He was available for me.

I think one time I even just came into his office one time and he said, “Come on back. Come talk to me.” He was caring. Kinda like he knew me almost. Like I was his brother. He actually spoke to my mom probably three or four different times. He just kinda did that out of the kindness of his heart.

I actually had recently used him again with this charge, was actually a money laundering charge. His range was so open that I loved that about him. It’s not like he can only defend me if it’s a violent crime or something. He went from this inner city type of crime to a white collar crime and he defended me great in both cases.

Overall he really had some good suggestions, dissolutions and they worked out to my favor a lot. Thanks to him for keeping me out of that situation. My life is actually, is on track, you know. I’m married now. It’s just me and my wife and my kids, so it’s great. He helped me out tremendously.

I owe him my life, basically. Things are good now. My life is great now, actually.