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It took me probably a good week to actually want to go out in public because every time I’d go, I just would break down, because I just wasn’t ready to accept the fact that I had taken a life. I was really scared, freaking out.

My name is Marcus. As I was driving, I noticed on my right hand side there was a red SUV with black rims, and they were trying to antagonize me. So they kept revving their motor, scooting up like they wanted to race. So I kept driving forward, and they were swerving into my lane. It became a battle trying to get away from them.

So they pulled over in front of me. The passenger jumps out. Passenger and the driver were at my driver’s side door, and they were putting their hands in the vehicle, trying to get me out. So I opened the door, and they started swinging and started hitting in the back of their head. The passenger tripped and landed on his side.

I reached down. I get him in a rear-naked choke. I just started squeezing. “Walk back to your vehicle and I’ll let him go.” He goes, “Well, I’m going to go get my effing gun.”

I let the passenger go. I ran, got in my car and I heard the driver saying, “He’s not breathing, he’s not breathing.” I ran back down. I assisted in CPR. I checked his pulse, and he just wasn’t breathing. I didn’t mean to knock him out. I was just trying to protect myself. Unfortunately, he was brought into the hospital and was pronounced dead. He passed away.

Richards Carrington had contacted me, saying, “We are willing to take your case.” Drew gave me a call, and they took a leap of faith, and Drew said, “It sounds to me without a doubt, self-defense.” Drew handled everything, and the law firm always stayed very, very much so on top of it. I feel like I, literally, I can go to them any day, any time. And he’s not all about the money, in which I really like.

Later on in the case, when it was getting closer to being done Drew called me. He goes, “The DA cleared you. They decided not to file any charges, so you’re in the clear.” I said, “Okay, great.” Drew is always right there. Any day, any time, if I needed anything. So I feel like Drew is more of a friend than a lawyer.