The Importance of Access to Courts and Juries in Holding Corporations Accountable


The justice system is a cornerstone of democracy, and it is essential in protecting citizens from the abuses of corporate power. In this podcast episode, attorney Jed Kurzban from KKTP Law joins the discussion to shed light on the constant threat to the jury system, which is under attack from companies and their lobbyists. Read more to discover the shocking stories Jed revealed.


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The Jury System is Under Attack


Jed Kurzban believes in the power of the jury system, which is constantly under threat from corporate lobbyists. These lobbyists use their influence to sway legislators and governors to take away people’s access to courts. Access to courts is crucial because it is the only way for people to be compensated for injuries caused by no fault of their own. Lawsuits play a significant role in protecting people against companies who would otherwise prioritize profit over people’s health and wellbeing.


Corporate Negligence and the Need for Lawsuits


The government does not directly test cars that manufacturers put on the road, relying instead on self-certification. This situation puts people at risk of injury or death in a crash. Trial lawyers have uncovered inappropriate corporate activities, making a difference in the world. Corporations prioritize profit over people, and attorneys like Jed work to uncover where they’ve hurt people for profit and hold them accountable.


Immigration Cases and the Need for Immigrants


Jed’s office handles immigration cases, emphasizing the need for immigrants who work hard and help make the country. He highlighted a case of an immigrant roofer given a new epoxy system that ultimately caused harm by allowing moisture into roofs in areas with hurricanes. The roofer was not warned of the dangerous epoxy he was using and ended up with a grotesquely injured hand, needing skin grafts to repair it. Companies often prioritize profit by not warning people of product hazards properly.


The Consequences of Corporate Greed


In Florida, a new law allows property insurance companies to make their customers pay if they lose a claim related to damage caused by a hurricane. Attorney Jonathan Teller specializes in trying cases involving kidney failure due to misdiagnosis and has done so across eight states. Dr. Kinsey points out the issue of doctors being forced to see too many patients, which makes it hard for them to give good quality care and can make them miss diagnoses. Insurance companies are often behind this, as they lobby and spend large amounts of money to keep from paying claims that are due.

The Importance of Taking Money Out of Politics


While companies are not inherently bad, they care about profits. Where are those profits coming from a majority of the time? Insurance companies. Jed believes that taking the money out of politics would allow for the system to be fixed. Young trial lawyers need to be educated on how to fight these battles with insurance companies. Jed Kurzban from KKTP Law provides insight into the consequences of corporate greed and how it affects people. He explains how the only way to properly hold companies accountable is through the justice system with jurors representing citizens.

Putting People First Principles Over Profits First


Jed advocates for people first principles instead of profits first. He visits local bars to gain perspective on trials before going to court to better represent his clients. Jed also talks about his experience in North Dakota fighting a serious case involving kidney disease, a veteran who served in the Israeli Defense Force, and a crane that crashed into a car resulting in death.




The justice system is an essential part of our democracy, and access to courts and juries is crucial in holding corporations accountable for their actions. Lawsuits are necessary to protect people from the consequences of corporate greed. Trial lawyers like Jed Kurzban play a vital role in uncovering corporate malfeasance and fighting for the rights of citizens.


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